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Our history: Perez Health Care Group came alive when a young couple’s passion to serve others in need was so powerful that something had to be done. A family owned business of healthcare professionals with experience in the field. Dayeysi Carmenate as a child saw her mother work intensively with children and adults with very complex medical conditions in a group home. That was when her life-long dream was born to serve the community of people with special needs. On the other hand, Fidel Perez has a brother with autism that requires special education and care. Therefore, he felt an intense desire to serve others with special needs as well. The young couple were high school sweet hearts and soon after they became young parents. Furthermore, they both became youth leaders at their local church helping troubled teens stay out of drugs, and violence as well as avoiding teen pregnancies. They were successful!

In 2014 Fidel left his 5 year long job as a manager for one of the largest solid waste companies in the U.S to pursue his most cherished dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. Dayeysi also left her job as an administrator assistant for an elderly home health agency to pursue her dream as well of helping the developmentally disabled. It all started with the vision of opening a group home in lee county to serve people with complex medical conditions. A few days later the young couple received a phone call from a single mom struggling to work and take care of her medically fragile daughter. She was looking for a caregiver in the home. They scheduled a meeting with the mother to discuss the case. After evaluating the case, they discovered that the child could not have just any caregiver but rather a licensed nurse that could administer medications via G-tube. It was extremely hard to watch a young single mom choking through tears because she did not have anyone to care for her special needs child so that she could work and provide for her family. This is when Fidel and Dayeysi changed their entire plan to adjust to the needs of this mom. They gave everything they had, risking everything to make this happen. Soon after, they began working with Children's Medical Services and were able to provide that same mom a licensed nurse to care for her child while she worked. Today, Perez Health Care Group has expanded throughout all of Southwest Fl! 

Our Mission: To keep children and adults with complex medical conditions out of institutions and in the community with their families and living normal lives!. All while providing them with the care needed.

Our Vision:

Perez Health Care Group is willing to go beyond the call of duty and will do whatever it takes!!

We thrive to offer the most outstanding health care to our patient's. We understand that each individual is different and so are their needs.  

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