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You weren't like other children. And God was well aware. You'd need a caring family with love enough to share. And so he sent you to us. But much to our surprise, you haven't been a challenge, but a blessing in disguise. Your winning smiles and laughter and the joy you impact. Far outweigh your special needs. And melt the coldest heart!


We speak for the parents. We speak because we know. For they are caring for a child who requires a little bit more.

They do have concerns and they do have fears. And we see how hard it is to express when they are choking back tears.

They want to trust you.

They want to believe.

That you say what you mean and you mean what you say.

That you will choose a righteous caregiver who loves their profession and will follow the law.

And that you will choose the best care, based on their child's needs.

A message from:


We are proud we've been chosen.

to help your child learn and grow.

The joy they have brought us, is more than you can know.

A precious gift from heaven.

A treasure from above.

A child who has taught us.... or will teach us.... many things.

But most of all "REAL LOVE"